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you know, I was just playing HL2 last night, for the third time or so, and I have to admit, gameplay-wise it’s good. Solid play.
But seriously, it’s just not as, I dunno, engaging as the first one.
I finally got it “offically” registered, but honestly, if it weren’t for the voucher, I dunno if I would have bothered…

The HDR map, on the other hand… *Drools*… that’s really enjoyable. That little “Lost Coast” map is the sort of thing I would have absolutely loved to see more of in the game.

But I think there is just some sort of cohesion lacking in the game.

And that whole Steam bullshit is just frustrating. I mean, we got it working here in the college, and that’s sweet. But if you haven’t got broadband, you are pretty much hoffed! What kind of way is that to treat your gamers?! If I hadn’t been able to procure myself a cracked version, I would still be waiting for it.
Funnier, even, is my mate who _bought_ the freaking CD, and is still waiting to play the damn game!!! (he bought it cos he was happy enough to play my version in French, but thought that the game was good enough to deserve his cash… turns out _he_ is not good enough for Steam)


I am absolutely dying to play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. But since it won’t apparently install on my 64bit XP Pro, I am waiting.
The demo has me drooling all over the place, though. Much better than Thief in my opinion.
Thief has my respect for inventing the sneaker genre, but Splinter Cell is just way better IMHO in terms of pure gameplay.

I want to play some sort of roleplaying game, too. I need my fix or roleplaying. Badly. Maybe I’ll have to go and finish Baldur’s Gate 2 after all (I hated the ADnD rules with a passion). Or maybe I’ll get my hands on a juicy Neverwinter Night Platinum package, that would be sweet.

I’d absolutely love to play something like Severance, that would really be enjoyable. Anything similar?

May I recommend getting a NeoGeo emulator, and play the King of Fighters series, and Metal Slug series, too? :)