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The problem with games like Half-Life and Half-Life 2 was that once you are blown away by the original its incredibly hard to repeat the feat. HL2, for me, was fantastic and although I wasnt AS blown away as with the original it was still a memorable experience. I’ll agree with the finale being a wee bit easy but at least it wasnt as boring as Xen!

As for the cash in comments…well if that was Valves attempt at a cash in I’d hate to see how long it will take them to develop Half-Life 3 if they decide to take their time with it. :lol:

Oh and as for the Gravity Gun, well bar the uber version of it found later and the comic nature of the toilets, I have to point out the circular saw blades as my favourite object to be manipulated, so much fun in Ravenholm!

Hrm, judging by Lost Coast I’m still a wee bit sceptical of HDR in Source. Sure it has some nice features but there were so many things that looked rubbish upon closer inspection in the tech demo. I mean the cliffs look really cool from a distance with the slime and refection but actually walk up close to them and you’ll be mightly unimpressed. Its meant to be used really well in DoD:S though…

philippe_j, I too am not a massive fan of D&D but I jsut picked up the basics as i went along and was still able to enjoy it, expecially the narrative.
As for a modern Severance, well the only thing never afaik will be found on consoles. Third Person Hack and Slash arent really the PCs forte. There was Enclave/Enclave II aswell though, might wana check those out but there not meant to be as good.

Oh and Final Burn Alpha is the King of Arcade/Neo Geo emulation, check that out.