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I agree with DarkSaviour.

Edge are miserly with their scores, but for a reason. In my book, they almost always get it right, and are not distracted by the latest bells and whistles, which makes sensational reviews like HL2’s all the more dramatic.

Doom 3 got 7 out of 10, didn’t it? Sounds about right to me.

To my mind, ‘average’ score accumulation is like saying the pop charts are a good reflection of what music is worth buying. Give me a thoughtful mag’s critique (e.g. Wired) over the ‘general public’s’ collective tastes any day.

But then again, I have the entire Yes and Steely Dan back catalogue, so what the HOFF do I know about music?

Come to think of it, I also have MS Train Simulator, so what the HOFF do I know about games?

<Quietly leaves…>