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It doesn’t really matter how big Wii is at Christmas. There’s going to have limited units across all territories and they will sell out. Same as PS3, it will sell out. Thats not in dispute. European customers will be pissed though and especially as this is the second time in 2 years that Europe has been compleletly snubbed by Sony. People will still buy the product but the Sony name has been truely dented. Microsoft said they could do a world wide release and they succeeded, sure they ran out and it wasn’t great, but it worked. Sony in response said they could do it bigger and better and they’ve failed miserably. When it eventually does come out in Europe it will have a better package, just like the PSP, and sell out, like the PSP, but its the reputation thats hurt.

Christmas is all about XBox, even moreso now. Nintendo and Wii will sell-out. The question is, how many people can Microsoft convert because they couldn’t get the console they wanted. You’ll probably see more Xbox advertising than you’ll see Sony or Nintendo this xmas.