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Sony always planned to release in 2007 in Europe. While it wasn’t evident to me until now. When I did a few interviews (the same day that Sony announced launch details). Their first party titles didn’t seem phased, it was in the cards all along or at least it was certainly expected.

I don’t think Sony missing europe is a big deal, I certainly don’t think it will impact the PS3 in anyway. The fanboys will be fanboys, provided Sony can convert the casual gamers to part with such a huge amount of cash. They will gain the lead eventually.

I am an XBox fan through and through, I love their development tools, I love their support. As far as I am concerned they have done anything right. That said I am not stupid, I read the non-sensical arguements on the games forums. I read all the BS that Sony, Nintendo and MS peddle. I still do not see any change.

Sony will be market leader (eventually), MS will be very close behind, and Nintendo will once again win the hearts and minds.

What I am really curious about is Blu-ray, and is it already dead in the water. That is the more crucial element at this. This is why Sony are pushing into the States so heavily. If they can convince the masses to adopt Blu-Ray. PS3 will be an instant success. If they can’t well thats when it gets interesting. That’s when the market is blown right open. It means that both Nintendo and MS made the right decision in sticking with proven technology, but enhancing their products and services.

It’s all in the air at the moment, but I don’t see the Europe launch affecting all to many gamers. We made our minds up some months ago who we were going to back, and people back their own interests. If you are willing to put 600 euro in a console you will defend it down to the ground. Come March they will still defend it down to the ground.