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Then why was one of their first party launch titles originally penned for March 2007? And after display at E3 later confirmed for March 2007. While Sony were shouting from the rooftops that it would be a launch title? Perhaps they were optomistic about it’s development, perhaps they wanted that killer app.

Why would a first part game title that was aimed as a launch title be aimed for March 2007?

The only logical reason is that the initial release was to be made in March 2007. Be it world wide or just europe. Sony were put in an uncomfortable position by the media and public in general where they were forced to show their hand. Unfortunately for them their leads, were overly vocal about what they could achieve.

Realistically speaking Sony new too well what was going on. How many companies received working dev kits, does anyone know when the final Dev kits were released? Does anyone know when the final controlloers were released?

Sony were put in a position where they knew that they could potentially not make the commitment. It didn’t magically happen that the heads of Sony woke up and said screw europe let’s give them March 07. It was planned, it was logistically planned down to the finest detail, and those plans would have been in place for the past several months. Perhaps not as an ideal case plan, but definately as a backup or secondary plan.

Europe always had a plan for being released in March 2007. While they tried to pull it forward, it was just far easier for them to realise that Blu-ray was a gamble they needed to win. They need to be 100% certain that their next gen technology is adopted by the American public. You cannot achieve this if you try and flood 3 massive user-bases with just 500,000 units. What you need to do is get a Christmas season with your largest market, and gradually release in the other regions. The Number 1 region in this case is America, and if America goes Blu-ray, the world goes blu-ray. With HD-DVD coming in prior to the PS3, they cannot allow HD-DVD be the only option this Christmas.

Sony want to succeed in the complete Home Entertainment sector and the PS3 is their vehicle to do so. Fine they thought they could achieve a global launch in November, their initial plan was always March 07. But they cannot go without a Christmas period in the US allowing HD-DVD to be adopted…

Yeah, making worldwide release promises, looking stupid when you fail to do it and dropping share prices because of it….yeah…its was always planned for 2007, it obvious![/quote:e0ccb9fc19]

It is obvious if you remove the 3 hot head people behind all of the statements, if you look at the release schedule for all first party games, if you look at the release schedule for all the development kits, tools and equipment. Then you see the initial plans, and you see a more realistic time-frame. Not something that was forced upon them.

The Problem is that Sony had to step up to the plate, to please the Media. Microsoft and Nintendo, the general public and the media forced them to play that hand.

When do you think the PS3 was meant to be released? November 2006 was always overly optomistic and why cut Europe (the second largest gaming block) unless it was planned to do so, and on the cards. Obviously if all went well it woulnt need to be cut, but this is mass production of new technology. It will never go to plan.