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> Possibly care to share them with us, Mal?

A few off the bat…

1) Story based games based on Irish legends. Monkey-Island style, but with pseudo 3D environments etc.

2) Sports games, these are pretty obvious. Hurley / Camogie, Gaelic,

3) Strategy games. Think high-level style like Civilisation, or even meduim style quicker ones, like 3D Risk but with Irish counties, choosing different time zones like Fianna time, current times ( might be a bit too politically hot at the mo ) etc.

4) Plain old action style games, using a Celtic art style, and celtic based characters. Fight your way through hordes of X’s and Y’s to end up at the land of Tir Na Nog. Have a group you control called the Fianna.

Use myths as the basis for certain game elements. Eg fly to another area using a “Children of Lir” spell to get wings. Find and eat the Salmon of Knowledge to be able to read certain artifacts. The list could go on.

5) Hoirish style games. Games involving Leprechauns collecting their pots of gold, drunk village idiots chasing pints ( more pints = less control, maybe The Sims style where you have to get them to the toilet after x pints if your chatting up birds, otherwise they start doing the jig etc )

There are loads of types of games out there, I’m sure EVERYONE has a unique idea that of course everyone else has already thought up or will think up given time, and that no-one has the time to implement. As it’s quite niche market ( Ireland, some US interest, possibly Japan with heavy culture emphasis ), most of these games wouldn’t be too commercially viable, ie they’ll be put on the backburner.