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Overtime is prevalent in all I.T yes, but nowhere even near to the extent of the games industry. I’ve work in software for the past 5 years and I have done overtime, but its usually only maybe 2-3 hours per night, at most. Towards the shipping date you might have to do a Saturday or maybe work a bit later during the week(10-11pm or so). Those extra hours are then given as time in leiu. Which is fine because there are a lot of times in general I.T that you aren’t busy and you can use them.
Time in leiu seems to be useless in games, especially with the likes of EA, because chances are once you finish your crunch on one project, you are thrown into another which is hitting crunch. Its endless. So you don’t have any time to use your extra days holidays.

If/When it comes to a head, a lot of companies are going to go under.[/quote:532e6e46cd]
If thats what it takes to give employees a bit more of a life in this industry then so be it.