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Zelda looks really average??!?!?!?!??

…………. :shock:

I have watched dozens of new videos of Zelda and my anticipation for the game has sky rocketed even higher. The puzzles that I have seen (which is probably only 1% of all the puzzles in the game) look amazing, the atmosphere seems incredible, the size of the game is unbelievable, the visuals are stunning, the music is pure ear candy, the character design is brilliant, the wolf looks like great fun to play, the twilight areas seem eerie and magical……..I could go on and on about how this game looks 10 times more spectacular than anything else out there and I have only seen about 10 minutes of footage out of what most people are saying is a 70 hour game!

[deep breath]

In short, this game is going to own me….big time. And probably moreso than Ocarina, which is the best game I have ever played, by a country mile.