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Ok first of the wii i think is a bit of a gimmick, like it really is suited for multiplayer games when u have a gang over but how often does that happen. As for the remote it feels ok but its only suited for specific games. Id see myself getting it for my younger brother but its an xbox 360 or ps3 for me. And whats this about having to fork out for a new hd tv for the xbox. i plan on using my lcd monitor which in any new ones is hd ready so itll work perfect. I think people just have there favourite console already in mind. Look at steph *dont hurt me lol* she already has her mind made up for the wii. I think its a great idea but when u have games like halo 3, gears of war, the new final fantasys. really the wii isnt for the serious gamer.

Im just waiting for the back lash now 8)[/quote:c77b014203]

Sorry, not gonna bite.