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Sorry he-man :D (blah-blah-blah)….

And come on kyotokid bite thats the whole point of a forum! :twisted:[/quote:f88be9416e]

Ah, so you are trolling indeed! I just wasn’t too sure beforehand :wink:

Wii will not ‘fail’ or ‘lose’ or whatever-other-‘Wii must die’-expression you care to use, in the face of 360/PS3, in the same way and for the same reasons as the DS has not, and isn’t likely to, ‘fail’ or ‘lose’ or… in the face of the PSP.

As very aptly put by omen a couple of posts ago, different staple diet of game genres for different markets. The crux, is that Wii is addressed to the bigger target audience (in terms of pure numbers, i.e. everyone), when compared to the target audience for 360/PS3 (16-24 male). And when a format gets a large user base fast, irrespective of its technical merits/capacity, more and more games get developed for it.

It’s simple maths, in the business of making videogames: you’re likely to sell more of a non-AAA Wii/360 game when you’ve got 10m 360s / 6m Wiis installed, than a “near-as-dammit-garanteed-1:1 sell ratio” AAA game (e.g. Motorstorm) on PS3 when you’ve got 3m PS3s installed. And you’re likely to profit much more as well.