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While I am a huge Nintendo Fanboy ( until 3 am outside Game Dawson St. December 7th people!) Dracula inadvertedly made some accurate points. Mario and Metroid have slipped majorly, reliable game websites state maybe as late as this December (I’ll try to find links). There are very few titles announced that are coming out soon, and they are all pretty much ports. I’m not a fan of Warioware.

And so far I have to say I am not enjoying Twilight Princess. I am a huge Zelda fan, but the Wii controls let it down a little bit, the wolf bits are rubbish and the tears of light quests are worse. I think I am on Dungeon 6 or 7 and have only really loved one, although two others were ok. Let’s hope we get some really kick ass titles soon. Having said that, the 360 has been out a year and a half and I can’t see a reason to own it apart from Viva Pinata and GoW. It’s only really essential if you have broadband. I won’t be buying one until halo 3 anyway. Launches are always pretty slow…we were just spoiled by the GC launch and the small numbers that followed it :P