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I also really dislike when people try to use words like I.P. to try and claim a broad legal right to something in a game.[/quote:9df85c1f2d]

Why? It just stands for intellectual property rights. Not sure I see the issue with using it. Its just a helpful description for a whole load of legal rights.[/quote:9df85c1f2d]That’s the whole problem with it. It’s deliberately used to create legal ambiguity, you’re not saying they infringed on your trademark, broke your copyright etc. You’re using it to try and cover a broad group of rights you think have been violated without ever pointing to one.[/quote:9df85c1f2d]

I don’t really want to prolong this aspect of the thread, but since I pilloried someone earlier for what I felt was a a groundless, evidence free assertion: do you have an example of these "broad legal right(s)" being asserted against someone?