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Any1 know a good c++ compiler and IDE together? I mean the compiler and ide built together in one programme.[/quote:d7eeffae4f]

Well generally the compiler and IDE are kept as separate programs because they do quite different things (the IDE normally just ‘invokes’ the compiler), but if you’re looking for a nice all in one package that includes both things then look no futher than codeblocks:


You can download a version with the minGW c++ compiler included and which will automatically set itself up to work with this compiler. Codeblocks also will work with other c++ compilers too- which is always a bonus but I just use it with the minGW compiler myself. I used to use devc++ as my IDE of choice but got pissed off with the amount of bugs in it and the poor way in which it handles code completion- it generally chokes on any sort of large project with code completion turned on. Codeblocks on the other hand, i’ve had no real problems with, plus it has loads of other nice features to boot. Its certainly the best free C++ IDE i’ve come across so far and I’d definitely recommend you download it for a try! The lecturers in college have even been impressed by it and are going to ask the techies in the college to install it on all the machines so we can use it after christmas.