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Hey man do u know any 3d software apart for 3d max too complicated!! I wana code my own game well i wana focus on the AI aspect :D!![/quote:ba763cc38e]

Ah.. Well you’re into indian territory there when it comes to 3d software! :wink: I don’t really do much modelling myself because i’m not really any good at it and because I want to concentrate my time on learning programming instead- so I can’t really give you any great advice on the subject.

But yeah, MAX is pretty complex alright- but then so is most modelling software. One of lecturers once said that usability of software is often inversely proportional to its functionality. So in other words, the more features you have in a piece of software the harder it is to use. This always seems to come to mind with 3D software.

I think the package I found the most useable thus far (now I haven’t used it much, just messing around with it) would have to be Maya. I’ve tried Blender also (which is free) but found it to be worse than MAX in terms of getting to grips with it. The UI for Blender is just weird…

On the other end of the scale, i’ve used pretty simple 3D modelling software designed specially for Quake2 such as the Quake 2 model editor and the Quake 2 Skinner (can’t remember if this is its right name) but these tend to be TOO basic and as far as I can remember the Quake 2 Skinner didn’t even have an ‘undo’ function.. :)

I definitely be interested to hear myself from anyone who has found a nice 3D package ( preferably with support for common game model formats like .md3 etc ) that has a nice balance of features and usability.