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I think if a game is good, people will play it.[/quote:2b15631816]

I think I would have to disagree with you there. Sadly, for the so called ‘average’ ‘joe-soap’ gameplayer I don’t think the playability of the game has much has much effect on whether they buy a title or not. Call me cynical, but thats just the way I see things happening in reality, and from first hand experience i’ve seen it happening also many times before.

That’s kinda what I was getting at with the whole Irish setting. I can’t speak for the entire gaming populus, but if you’re doing anything (it doesn’t matter what it is) that goes against the grain in some way or is somewhat different then there is always an element of risk involved. Some ideas can and do work out, but the question is who will foot the bill if things don’t work out ? Its no wonder originality is in such short supply these days and publishers are so cagey about supporting new ideas, there’s just too much money involved in game development these days to be taking any sort of big risks!

Well thats my two cents anyhow. I think I’m gonna retire now for the night cause I’m after being out for a few christmas drinks and am feeling slightly worse for wear.. Forgive me if my posting has been slightly erratic! :)

I’d definitely like to hear though from anyone here who has worked (or is working) within the industry about their thoughts and experiences on what makes people buy games and what kind of game’s are sell-able and marketable to the general public. I mean its one thing making a game, but quite another thing getting people to buy it! :wink: Any thoughts on the ‘biz’ end of the industry would be great!