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I think if a game is good, people will play it.[/quote:a65928fc38]

I think I would have to disagree with you there. Sadly, for the so called ‘average’ ‘joe-soap’ gameplayer I don’t think the playability of the game has much has much effect on whether they buy a title or not. Call me cynical, but thats just the way I see things happening in reality, and from first hand experience i’ve seen it happening also many times before.

Agreed. There have been many games that have received critical acclaim and yet fall short on the sales front. Psychonauts immediately springs to mind.[/quote:a65928fc38]

Yes indeed there have been! Oh god if there’s one game i’d love to see another sequel for, and which deserved far more sales than it got, then it would have to be Thief. I just love that game so much! The characters, the story, the setting, and the levels were just absolutley awesome- such imagination and enthusiasm were put into its design! Not to mention it was just such a great game to play. I mean I bought the orignal Thief only about two years ago (by which time it was well past its sell by date) but it still blew me away with its excellent level design and superb stealth gameplay. I never looked at titles like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell the same way again because they only paled in comparison to the fun I had playing Thief. I guess when I really realised what a quality game it was came when I played it through the second time round (couldn’t resist! :) ) and discovered an entire house as a secret area on one of the levels.. It was the sort of place that you would really only find if you paid REALLY close attention to your surroundings but it was such a cool thing to find- kinda creepy too cause it was full of ghosts! Its that sort of extra effort whats put into games that i love myself (as a gamer) and which really distinguishes a good game from a superb game. I mean there was no need for the team to put the effort into adding in secret areas like that (which would be passed over by the vast majority of the people playing the game) but they did it nonetheless and it really made the game well worth while playing through a second time over- if only to try and find all the cool stuff I had missed the first time round..

But anyhow I think i’m going off on a bit of a tangent here anyhow and I do love my Thief! But needless to say Thief was not a commercial success and nethier was its sequel Thief II, which ultimitely resulted in the demise of Looking Glass Studios– the creators of the afforementioned games. Ion storm did take on the mantle of Thief with the third title, Deadly Shadows– but i’m sure we’re all too well aware of what happened there too. Deadly Shadows was still a great game, well worthy of the title of its predecessors. But I coudln’t imagine it done too well either commerically if Ion Storm too went bang also!

I guess the morale of the story is that while we can make absolutley superb games they can still bomb and bring a company down almost overnight if the commercial side of things is not paid enough attention to. I know it sucks, and i’d love to see every good title get the sales and general public acclaim it deserves, but thats business and the business side of things can’t be ignored either. I’m sure you can apply the sad story of Thief to many other games and companies within the industry also, which should have really done better than they had done.. Its not the first game to fall into this catagory and certainly won’t be the last!