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The problem with the third Thief game was that it probably attempted too much. They tried to give an extremely open ended game but resulted in lacklustre middle sections as you traversed the streets heading to your next objective. Though in saying that the Cradle missions is probably one of the finest levels ever devised and was beautifully executed.[/quote:e398329842]

Yeah thats true, i never really liked the street parts of the game much myself either. The way I always used to play the first two games was to clear an area of potential threats before moving on to another part of the level. That way at least I had my back covered- but it you couldn’t do that in the streets of deadly shadows because no sooner than you had gotten rid of a guard then another one would spawn to take its place, which was quite annoying really.

The cradle was awesome though.. I’ll never forget the first time I entered the lobby of the place and in the corner of my eye I thought I seen something moving in the room beyond. It was only a glimpse, but it really creeped me out, and when I looked for it the thing was gone.. :shock: Then there was those horrible things with the electrical wires all over them with their really weird, jilted movement.. Scary… I quite liked the level in the seaside mansion as well- that was pretty cool. In fact Thief is at its best I think when you have a big old mansion with lots of secrets and loot to be discovered.. 8)