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I also suspect Novodex is also in the 360 dev-kit since Epic (afaik) already integrated it into the Unreal3 engine.[/quote:153809f25a]
Indeed it is…

The AGEIA PhysX SDK is the leading next-generation solution for creating compelling in-game physics and has been widely adopted by various game engines, such as the Unreal Engine 3 by Epic Games.[/quote:153809f25a]
The platforms arent meant to be AS complicated to develop for as many are making them out to be. Anandtech ran a feature on the issue and consulted some developers who basically reiterated what has been assumed already – The first batch of games released for the systems will be mainly single thread games with only some minor multi-threading. The Cell will only be pushed after awhile as developers get to grips with the hardware, just like with any new released.

One thing that interested me though…

We’re looking at a life cycle of 10 years with the PlayStation 3.[/quote:153809f25a]
…according to Sony President Ken Kutaragi.
Seems like developers will have plenty of time to get used to it. :D

A knock on effect however is that with all these future proofing features such as HDTV and Blu-Ray support is that the price will be higher…

I’m aware that with all these technologies, the PS3 can’t be offered at a price that’s targeted towards households. I think everyone can still buy it if they wanted to. But we’re aiming for consumers throughout the world. So we’re going to have to do our best (in containing the price. I’m not going to reveal its price today. I’m going to only say that it’ll be expensive.[/quote:153809f25a]
Hrm… :?