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No, everyone says, “Microsoft…bah! Hate them money grabbing b******s!”[/quote:7d24586053]

As omen has touched on, this debate is almost exactly analogous to what people say about Microsoft.

There are a large number of parallels between EA and MS business strategies. Both companies frequently make decisions for financial reasons first, and ‘it’s the right way to do things’ second.

Both are frequently accused of growing their businesses by clever aquisitions, copying and marketing rivals’ innovations, and dubious business practices. Rather than producing the flat out ‘better game’ (from a playability perspective) or ‘better operating system’ from a technical perspective.

The specifics are, of course, debatable, but pretty much all those things people on this forum guys criticise EA about, a Linux user might accuse Microsoft of.

What I don’t like is how they consider their employees to be nothing but a resource to be bled dry and then discarded.[/quote:7d24586053]

If you read about how MS works it’s staff you’ll find many parallels.

You might want to think twice about referring to people that buy EA games as being “uneducated”, considering you are all (as gamers) almost certainly running Windows.

It does something you need it to do, and in the end of the day, as an end user, you don’t care much about how the product was produced, and you don’t really care about business practices or staffing issues behind it.

This is much the same as the way an end user, who wants to play the latest NFL game, buys it from EA.

You just want to play games on your computer.
They just want to see their favourite team.

So, perhaps think twice before referring to gamers who buy EA as uneducated, you uneducated windows users.

Don’t you mean only the uneduated here ?? Its parents and kids that buy the likes of HP and Bond expecting a good game. I’d never buy them, being educated, knowing they’re going to be crap.[/quote:7d24586053]

Just for the record, I’m more making a point about the EA debate than expressing a position on Windows etc. I amn’t actually an angry linux user :-)