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I was under the impression EA’s pay was ok too, no?[/quote:dbc612bc0c]
I’m on about one or 2K less than people who had the exact same qualifications working in EA. However, EA is in London, therefore my cost of living is a lot cheaper and I think I’m probably better off. In saying that, I know someone got a job with another company in Newcastle and they were paying just over half what i’m on.

for a quite positive experience of work in EA [/quote:dbc612bc0c]
I didn’t read it, just scanned it and it just looked like an academic report to me. An academic isn’t going to say anything bad about a company that gave them their time. Plus, I didn’t actually see anywhere it saying anything about it being a good place to work but I did see constant references to “must be dedicated”, “hard work is required” but again, I only scanned it.