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Nooptical, you are aware that unrewarded crunch time is not unique to EA, right? That it is, in fact, endemic in the games industry? EA isn’t even the worst offender apparently…[/quote:5440c91a3d]

Of course, I’ve done the crunch whilst working for Codemasters. And I didn’t mind doing it, seeing as the management at Codemasters seemed to at least have some genuine concern for the well being of their employees during this time. It would appear from reading about EA that they couldn’t give a toss about their employees, they work the crunch and if they end up losing employees due to stress, bad health etc then they seem to think, bah, who cares we can get someone else.

Also, I’m under the impression that EA employees seem to work crunch time far more than other games developers due to the fact that they churn out game after game all year, so once you ship one project you are put on another, which, chances are is at the crunch stage. And this goes on and on.