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Gears sure looks nice but the quality of god of war just pushes it way past gears. [/quote:3eb46e1d8d]

Yea ive allways found this facinating :D
Im not assuming anything about you personally eDen, i can see you own both games, but its somthing ive found funny in the community.

Gears had the financial backing of Microsoft which meant it got marketed up the arse. Its also pretty as hell, and had big guys with guns and aliens. It has all the ingredients of your typical blockbuster game thats gonna sell no matter how good it is.

Fortuntaly for us, its a really well pollished enjoyable game. Maps and weapons (all of which have 2 uses) are balanced immaculately. Its third person, yet accurate. Its cinematic, looks amazing, but the netcode is solid as a rock. And it has a gun with a friggin chainsaw on it! :D

Yet ive found that because it looks at first clance like your typical shoot-baddies game, a lot of so called "intellegent gamers" seem to dismiss it. I suppose all the awards it one at the GDC should sway some minds, but i still find it funny.

Also worth noting thats its a game that isnt too rich in new ideas, but just does a lot of things right. God of War is in the same league, as its essentially Prince of Persia with a big whip, and contextual button sequences. But thankfully for us, its also a fantastic game.

Okay thats my rant over.

2 great games :)