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Gears sure looks nice but the quality of god of war just pushes it way past gears. [/quote:2bbf4567ea]

Yea ive allways found this facinating :D
Im not assuming anything about you personally eDen, i can see you own both games, but its somthing ive found funny in the community.

Personally, if it’s fun, then I’ll like it. Doesn’t necessarily have to be an original idea or anything. I also think that it’s unfair to say god of war is just like gears in its copycat ways. Simply because the industry is so flooded with shooters and war games based on modern/future battles. God of war is infused with such original artwork and such a great story that, in my opinion, puts it ahead of gears. And gears is so pretty because it’s just the first game out to use the unreal 3 engine. But i love gears! cause it’s fun! simple as.

And I immerse myself into the industry so much, and thats pretty much what my life revolves around (well music too) that I’d like to think that I am relatively immune to marketing strategies. Especially coming from microsoft!