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Simply because the industry is so flooded with shooters and war games based on modern/future battles[/quote:d013306c5b]
Id put forward that there are as many 3rd person 3d action games. Or at least there were, last generation.

And I immerse myself into the industry so much, and thats pretty much what my life revolves around (well music too) that I’d like to think that I am relatively immune to marketing strategies. Especially coming from microsoft![/quote:d013306c5b]
I think that first point could be applied to everyone on this board, by the simple fact they are registered on the board.

And we belong to a community that (for the most part) isnt targeted by many marketing strategies, because our knowledge of games allows us to make educated decisions on what we buy rather that enabling advertising to form our ideas of products. But then there are allways things like XBLA which target the stupidly nostalgic part of our brain that rationalises re-buying Street Fighter 2 for a tenner, for the joy of playing it wirelessly and in "HD". For which im sure many here are guilty, me included. :P

But yea, 2 great games. :)