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Maybe I’m just biased against the corporate culture(I used to work for Intel also).

Maybe I also don’t like seeing games development being turned into a factory production line process. It should be a creative , evolving process.
I have no problem putting in the extra effort for a project that I feel I am a real part of, something that I really want to be a success. But NFL Madden 2024 isn’t my idea of such a project.

Its not companies like EA that are the backbone of this industry, its the likes of Valve, Bungie, Lionhead(and Bullfrog before them) and Nintendo etc. These companies all want to create. Nintendo is a perfect example of a massive corporation that still manages to nuture the creative. I just wonder if a poll were carried out on EA employees asking if they would leave EA and work for Nintendo if they had the opportunity, what would the response be?

To cut to the chase.
Would I have a problem working long hours on NFL 2006? Yes
Would I have a problem working long hours on Zelda? Nope
So for me a company like EA needs to rewards its workers for the long hours, because, frankly how they can expect their employees to work for passion when the company that employs them seems to show no passion for its industry boggles my mind.

Edit: If EA pay very well, then I take back my point about working for passion alone. Its just I got the impression from that EA Spouse thing that the pay certainly wasn’t up the what they expected the employees to do.