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no, crunch time is definitely a games-industry wide phenomenon… [/quote:11a0409b4d]
Oh yeah, that I know.

Certainly an interesting way of running things.

However the one point I have am not totally sure about with EA is that job stability doesn’t seem to be the same as you would expect with someone like Microsoft. Just look at this weeks news, EALA laid off 60 people. I’ve heard a story of EA buying a company and for a licence. In the provisor of sale was that everyone in the company should be safe in their jobs for a year. Exactly one year later, everyone was laid off.
On the whole they provide stability, but then again, I guess its the same no matter what the company, in games your job never seems to be totally safe.

One of my biggest reasons for not wanting to work for EA at the moment is like nooptical said, its banging out the same game year after year. Just look at Core and Tomb Raider…year after year of looking at the same thing and you stop caring about it and its going to slide. To prevent that happening you’re going to constantly need fresh employees wanting to make an impression. If new people are working on it, where do the others go, suddenly you have too much staff and need to trim and your productivity is low because you’ve been working on HP for 6 years….bye bye….

Not saying thats how it is, but its a worrying possible scenario surely