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Well i have had my GP2X MK2 for almost 2 years now , got it off playasia and i must say i love it , runs 16 bits games like snes and megadrive better then another other handheld system. you can also put some older dos games on it ( i love playing duke nukem 3d ). Great system , not expenive , it plays media very well two.

I mostly use it for roms , but i have tried some of the homebrew games on it.
Payback was fun , its like the orignal GTA with better graphics.

I hope always hoped Gamepac would make a new handheld with a 3d graphic processor , as to allow the likes n64 roms. So i am impressed by the Pandora , me thinks i will have to get one.

I have never tried development for homebrew console, but its something i am very interested in , might try to convince some of my friends , to try it as one of our gamedevelopment projects in college.