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I know they have hand financing problems, publisher issues and rumour had it that their VC Agents left discussions with Intel. With all that in mind intel purchased the engine in February most likely to create the mother of all tech demos. Offset has always had the ability to create great tech demos… so I’m curious to see what’s going on there. It would certainly do wonders for the PC development market to have an engine released with a toolchain that all hobbyist developers could pick up. Most engines leave the tool chain and focus on the tech which usually leaves the tools lagging somewhat behind.

Regarding Havok I was surprised they provided their Animation elements as well, I was under the impression from their Press Release that it was just their core physics, so that was a welcome surprise. Ageia’s certainly had issues early on with documentation and tutorials but seems to have sorted over the past 18 months, why on earth they would remove aspects of it are beyond me. Although it could be down to Nvidia and not Ageia themselves