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No offence to any students here, but I would think very carefully about looking to hire a student for your work, they always got other things to be doing, uni projects, partying, etc… Yes they’re cheaper, but weigh up the risks first.[/quote:11ce512ca4]

Harsh one there Damian. Not all students are like that. My first programming job (like many i’d say) was on a contract during summer time of uni (made a nice few pound), more importantly also helped me to get an addition to the c.v. which on the back of that job helped me get a 3rd year placement from uni which alot of ppl struggled to do that year due to downturn in i.t. jobs etc. Also partying and a job can co-exist (although sometimes you cant tell from some places in the games industry lol).

I think any student with programming experience who wants to get into flash this might be a good opportunity, as flash is becoming very popular even in console games (majority of kick ass ui’s in next-gen games are now being done with a mix of actionscript\flashscript and c++, i.e. DIRT,burnout etc), nice to have a bit of commerical experience. This area is only going to grow, so experience now will give you a jump on competition, just look at some of the salaries on offer for a game programmer who can combine flash\action\c++.

Although I would expect that the individual should be paid for the work in full, with possibility of royalities etc on top (if they are on off). But more importantly they get paid for the job and not paid with the view (oh you’ll get 20k if this baby sells, unfortunately it usually doesnt sell that amount and if it did, programmer is last to see it ;), so money up front i guess is the moral ).