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Maybe I’m not normal here, but I don’t ever get a “high” from playing games. [/quote:2529fa3706]
Oh? Do you never get a sense of enjoyment or even contentment from playing a game? Never get a sense of satisfaction that you beat a particularly tough boss, or relief that you managed to save the game just before you died? Else you would have no real interest in playing them!

I enjoy them, but I wouldn’t get the same feeling as I would from alcohol! ;)[/quote:2529fa3706]
Of course. They are different stimuli, and create different results. Both games and alcohol both have the same effect of making you feel better about yourself though, in effect, a high.

I also don’t think replacing one addiction with another is good. [/quote:2529fa3706]
Again I cant agree. I’d rather be addicted to smoking then to Heroin, and I’d rather play games than be a smoker. Some addictions are better (less bad?) for you than others, and with many addictive personalities, its about succumbing to whatever addiction happens to be handy, not an addiction to something specific. Also, some addictions are easier to control than others. Its not fixing the problem as you say, but as the article points out the problem is part based on genetics, and therefore to a certain extent unavoidable.