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So true!
That article cetainly has some accuracy in it!

I remember seeing something on Bbc last year about the effect that games have on your mind in your sleep.

They showed this couple all tucked up in bed and next thing the guy gets up and wanders around the room waking up his girlfriend. He wandered over to a window and as she woke up and looked at him he was standing crouched peering through the curtains. He had a stance as if holding an imaginary sniper rifle – when she asked him what he was doing he told her to shutup that they were about to attack and she had better take cover!

It was hilarious but kinda scary at the same time! Turns out he had been playing Counterstrike for hours before bed and it had this effect on him – he was in a total trance and stayed there most of the night perched at the window. She couldnt wake him up (I think youre possibly not meant to wake sleepwalkers anyway for fear of a heart attack!)

Bottom line the effect games have on your brain is an awful lot worse than we think! They said if he had a real gun god only knows what could have happened!
Interesting to think that games are so addictive your brain doesnt switch off to rest!

Scary thought!