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Maybe I do get a certain high as such then. However I wouldn’t class myself as being addicted to games in general, or addicted to anything really.
To be addicted to something you have to be obsessive over it, to the point of neglecting more important things in order to fulfill the addiction….and I don’t see myself as being obsessed about anything. Yes, I have a great interest in various things, including games, but not to the point of being addicted to them.

I also think to be truly addicted to games would mean you have more pyschological problems then if you are addicted to, say, heroin. Why? Simply because heroin is a far more potent drug then anything your brain may produce when playing a game. So it would obviously be far more easy to become addicted to a drug than a game.

Having said that, I doubt most people addicted to games are going to go out and commit crimes in order to be able to buy the latest release…