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The article doesnt really refer to addiction but rather to the physiological effects of playing games and how they make people feel more positive about themselves (in the short term). It only becomes addiction when the addictor (drugs, games etc) becomes important to the point that they are negatively affecting the rest of the persons life (anyone ever failed an exam because they wanted to play a game rather than study?). AFAIK, obsession is completely distinct from addiction (think obsessive compulsive disorder which is an obsession, but not considered addictive).

Also, the very last person you should ask about being addicted to anything is yourself. Denial is a fundamental part of any addiction.

I also think to be truly addicted to games would mean you have more pyschological problems then if you are addicted to, say, heroin.[/quote:822e6bdf57]
Games provide a lesser high and a correpondingly lesser low than hard drugs, and as such should lead to less criminality (another arguement that some addictions are better than others). This does not necessarily mean that they are less addictive however. While i have no statistics, I would imagine that the average game addict spends more time playing games than the average heroin addict spends high. The only difference with the Heroin addict is that he will have additional physiological problems as a result.