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Well thats what reallly really ruined it for me with BF2, the fact that for single player there was no co-op feature like in previous bf games. It was instant battle set by default to something like 16 players. I had to bump that up to 64 players just to make that interesting. But even at that I couldnt offset it, and put 50 on one team and 14 on the other. Also they limited the maps so you can only play a handful.

For me a 56k player, single player is the only way to go. COD2 looks good and will be great no doubt, but I would say its still a good 2 months at least away.

Brothers in Arms was just boring, Chaos Theory just didnt interest me, Republic Commando was simply fantastic, just a pitty it was so damn short. BF2 was a really poor attempt at milking a series for as little effort as possible. I mean how hard would it have been to take 1 or 2 more months to add in all the extra value that BF1942 had, I doubt very little, but I hope it comes in a patch.

And thats another thing that annoys me, patches, it seems like every games company simply throws out a semi stable product, and patches the crap out of it, until they have another product to throw out there. I mean the patches for BF1942 were nearly 300+ megs. I can only imagine what the BF2 patches will be like in 3 months time.

Anyway enough ranting. Cant wait for FEAR, looks great, and looks like a really really strong single player. Lets hope its not buggy, or missing a load of features.