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Guess who’s testing FEAR at this very moment?

Anyway, I obviously can’t talk about it too much, it’s one of our “top secret project”.
I haven’t completed the game yet because I’ve been assigned to it only today.

GAME-TM penned F.E.A.R. as being fantastic, but that players must be willing to sit down and spend hours DEVOTED to the game, to truly get immersed.[/quote:e9a7cd02ca]
Let me reply that I sat down for 15 mins before getting my first true fright. Not a jumping out of your seat fright but the kind of inner electric twitch that shakes your spine.
30 mins from the start of the game, I was starting to look over my shoulder hoping no one would be laughing at the possible tense faces I would be pulling.
Hours of devotion to get immersed? I beg to differ.

For those who think you can camp the AI out.. I say check your 6 cause they will find a way around to get to you with ease.

My only qualm must be the levels. You know these beautiful rusted and imperfect walls or the detailed and rich environments in HL2? Well I haven’t seen any here..

.. Maybe I’m saying too much already…

All in all, Max payne meets Doom3… yeah, get a slice of that Slow mo!