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Hi Aphra, thanks very much, those are unfamiliar ways of categorizing people. Dormant, that’s an interesting one. At least one question will be worded to try to probe what on earth such people could be waiting for.

The disinterested type are not unusual, sometimes they seem to have a mysterious mental block and questioning tends not to reveal a lot about why they’re not interested. Often saying things like they don’t have enough time, games are pointless or there are better things to do.
Hi kyotokid, it will also be online but someone else is handling that end. He has already set up a forum but it’s empty and waiting to be filled out. As soon as it’s running I’ll post the details on this thread and buzz the people who post here with a quick p.m. to let them know. Hopefully it shouldn’t be longer than a couple of weeks or so.

Keeping this an Irish thing definitely sounds like the right way to go, no offence to the rest of the world of course.