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OK, im just finished. What can i say..

Phenomenal use off sound and shadows. Scare tactics are a plenty, graphics are top-notch, lovely use of normal maps. A.I seems to be pretty damn decent for once, i was on the second of four settings and i died ALOT. Very smart. Fast frantic gun play, breathaking use of special effects, great slow-mo mode, (wait til you slow down and blow up a fuel barrel, u can see their limbs detaching from their torso’s) and my god, the end.. Wow. I cannot remember the last time if jumped out of my seat or even been afraid to go around the next corner.. E.T when i first saw it, provoked similar reactions (let the slaggins commence!)

All in all, hands down to Monolith. Looks like they may have a classic on their hands, roll on September 2nd..

Exceeded all my expectations. Amazing stuff.