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The main problem is that from a political point of view, games are still seen as a medium for kids. It seems hard for politicians to understand that the medium has mass appeal. In explaining this a common response is <i>but of course kids are going to get there hands on it</i>, which is true but they don’t mention that they have perhaps less access to these games than, lets say, a movie with adult situations or even the Sun’s page 3. Classifications in movies don’t end with live action, the same rules apply to animated features as well, allowing adult movies such as Team America general release. A blanket ban on games such as Rule of Rose or Bully is a double standard. When a movie is banned it causes uproar from people defending freedom of speech. Even Natural Born Killers eventually got a limited release in Ireland. It’s time that the industry and its followers took a meaningful stand to stop this or bring in a standard classification that exists with other visual mediums.