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It’s time that the industry and its followers took a meaningful stand to stop this or bring in a standard classification that exists with other visual mediums.[/quote:e9f170b3c6]

It is my understanding that the BBFC rates games in the UK, same as movies, VHS, DVds and CDs (CDs for explicit content). Can’t see why European PEGI would be deemed deficient, in that respect – just a matter of educating politcos (once they catch on the ‘not-only-kids-but-voters-too’ mass appeal of games, they might change the tune somewhat).

But [cynical mode on] even with all the educating that you might throw at them (by way fo taking this ‘meaningful stand’), don’t expect politicos to behave in any other way than bandwagon-jumping lemmings, where controversial games are concerned (or health or societal controversies somewhat/somehow associated with the industry). If it’s not games today, it’s going to be something else – anything to get a soundbite (that’s from experience at the coalface :wink: ) [cynical mode off]