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It’s a laudable idea, but with the renewed and growing impetus on player-created content for console (aka mods on PC), short of building a permanent content police for each and every game that provides the facility, responsibilising the publishers/developers further is asking them to hand over the beating stick, which in a business context will never happen – or else user-created content on consoles and PC will eventually be suffocated by publishers/developers because of the liability. Hot Coffee anyone? :wink:

The main difference between BBFC and PEGI, as I perceive it, lies in the coercive character of the first (because it’s a public institution, the decisions of which as to rating are expectedly enforced by retailers under pain of fines and whatnot) versus the informative-only character of the other (because it’s a private institution, no enforcement of PEGI-rating at retail because not ensconsed in laws or rules).

So perhaps a solution is to ‘institutionalise’ PEGI (and legislate accordingly at national level) from the european level down to each and every country which does not have a compatible public body and set of laws/rules such as the BBFC in UK.