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But its still not going to work. Think of how much time these people would need. Plus trying to find people who are like BBFC people who can rationalise good and bad games AND are competent game players, or alternatively, get BBFC type people to watch someone playing a game.[/quote:1a5d248b2a]

I really don’t think time (or ‘man-hours’) is the issue here. Think about the number of film releases, compared to the number of game releases in any given period: just as demanding. They’d have to expand, no doubt about that – but then, they’ve had to since the 50s or 60s or whenever there used to be 5 TV programs a day and 2 new films a month :wink:

Moreover, who said devcos have to submit a playable and the BBFC guys play through it? They may instead have to submit a gameplay reel which shows *say* all characters/NPCs in all possible textures, all possible animations/interastions (e.g. a slideshow) – i.e. enough for the BBFC to check that there isn’t a sheep-shagging animation, and how gory the chainsaw decapitation anim is.

At the end of the day, more media = more ratings to deliver = more resources needed, irrespective of the form. So, if games get to the stage where they require this expansion of [say in the UK, the BBFC’s] resources for appropriate ratings, for instance because they regularly make the news about (in)appropriateness of content for an audience, then they’ve already become mainstream and mass-market enough to warrant the same scrutiny as movies or TV. Self-fulfilling, QED.

Before I left Rockstar I had to sign a thing to say that there was nothing in the game I was working on that I hadn’t declared to the powers that be, nor would I put any such thing in. All employees were obliged to sign this. The modding community has already been hit by this with companies being less than willing to help them due to the past events, and I reckon its probably going to die out, or at least become underground, unless games become regulated in some way that is recognised by someone who’s decision of a rating on a game actually means something.[/quote:1a5d248b2a]

That’s exactly my point. [rewind][pause]

It’s a laudable idea, but with the renewed and growing impetus on player-created content for console (aka mods on PC), short of building a permanent content police for each and every game that provides the facility, responsibilising the publishers/developers further is asking them to hand over the beating stick. [/quote:1a5d248b2a][play]

Who are ‘the powers that be’ in your post? I take that to be the management, and the agreement’s to make sure there isn’t a HotCoffee Easter Egg burried in the latest Disney/Pixar game adaptation, which is going to spring up and assassinate the studio with bad PR.

As to the possibility of varying degrees of ‘censorship’ between varying bodies instead of a single ‘entity’, witness the “green blood” affair in Germany for absolute years, which has never really been an issue for the industry though, has it? Just a matter of a localisation variable.