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so over all does this make importing any game and console in to the uk with out premission from the makes, illegal?[/quote:4a5172262e]

Technically, yes (you are the importer), but (depending on the particular form of IPR) excused by the fact that it is for a private and non-commercial act : you as the customer want to buy the gear for your own enjoyment, not to resell (if you import to resell, though, then it’s a headshot). It isn’t any different from -say- you holidaying in Tokyo, buying a Jap PSP there and bringing it home with you. Prima facie, in that case, the only ‘law’ of importance is tax/customs.

Realistically, there’s no point for Sony in suing you, as it would probably cost them x-times more than they would ever be able to recoup in damages from your estate (if any). And that’s not to mention the PR furore that would follow. It’s much easier (and profitable… well, ‘loss-leading’ really) to cut off at the source, which is why they went after LK in HK (one of the biggest).

As I said earlier, it’s a pity they didn’t defend the action, that would have made for some seriously good case law. (also, considering the evidence they could have aduced and have only just now let out).

Sony’s might have a point, LK closure is probably just PR – but excellent for LK, can’t fault them (is Max Clifford behind that one? :lol: ) “big bad Sony shut us down, but every customer affcted will be treated professionally in the aftermath, and like the Phoenix we’ll reappear shortly, hurrah!” :wink:

“Sour grapes” or not, off-handedly, I wonder whos’ hurt the most in this affair :twisted: LK financially, for the damages, the administrative headache and eventual rebranding/relaunch, or Sony *financially in an indirect manner, but certainly in terms of reputation with ‘hardcore gamers’* for the backlash this whole affair is likely to generate.

Me thinks the snowball’s not finished rolling yet – watch this space.