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sony kills the game import market? (for Europe)

Play-Asia cancels import PS3 preorders

Online retailer cites “licensing and distribution limitations”

Following the closure of Lik-Sang last week, fellow online retailer Play-Asia.com has told customers reserving an import PlayStation 3 that their preorders have been cancelled.

In an email sent out to consumers yesterday, Play-Asia cited “licensing and distribution limitations” as the reason for the cancellations.

“As a result, we are very sorry to let you know that we have now cancelled your non-binding reservation with us,” the email continues.

“Rest assured, as this was a “no money down” reservation only, no funds have been debited in any way.”

All the listings on the retailer’s website for PS3 units, games and accessories have now been changed to read “preorders closed”.

The news comes less than a week after Lik-Sang announced it was to close following a series of lawsuits filed by Sony over the issue of import PSPs. Earlier this month, Sony warned that it would “utilise the full scope of the law” to prevent retailers from importing any of its consoles.