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In game advertising, has been on the virge of taking over the universe for the past 4 or 5 years. I honestly cannot see it exploding in any sort of obtrusive manner.

Its sort of common sence that theres a point where advertising gets too obtrusive, and has negative effects. Even horrible add placement in movies is exclusive to Blockbuster moneygoblers like i-Robot, which people dont expect more of.

I think the closest we have come to really horrible placement was Sam Fisher having an Airwave before he chopper-hopped at the start of Pandora Tomorrow, but considering the backlash that had on a pretty Solid IP, i can see others taking note.

Considering how immersion is such an important part od MMORPG’s this is the 1 area i honestly dont see it thriving (well maybe in a current era MMO, where it makes sence).

But an arcade-like shooter like CS has a much beter chance of pulling it off. If this does go ahead, i would be very surprised if it didnt put people off playing. It would ruin the experience for me.

I think all we need is 1 geniune badly deployed ingame advertising venture, and the whole idea of it will topple like a house of cards. If CS has to take the bullet on this one, so be it.