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Lol glad to see some ideas churning around, As for the viper launch sequence, yeah thats what im working on just something short and sweet really, Like it going into the tubes and flying really fast from the tube into space and maybe afew quick camera shakes like in the new show. Have the sounds and everything ready ro go for the animation like adama ordering the “launch vipers” and the swooshing sounds it makes when in the tube. Ive music sussed for it aswell. The launch bay is coming along well but i want It to look and feel like it is in the show which is a real industrial feel to it right down to the drills and stuff churning away. Ile do it justice dont worry lol

If your even thinking i wont make the galactica itself think again, cuse its allready in the making, I know it looks a little rough in some areas and am planning on doing a redesign to make it neater looking but heres what odds and ends i have sofar in a rough state.