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Hi all

My name’s Alick. i’m approaching the end of my final year studying Computer Games Programming at Teesside university over in England. I’m from Co. Armagh though.

I’m 22, for my placement year i was QA working on Driv3r and was introduced to the wonderful concept of crunch time, which gets worse when thegame is delayed by 6 months and the crunch time lasts that long again :(

had a few offers over here for when i graduate but I haven’t seen many Irish companies so I came across this site whilst doing research for that.

I program in DirectX and OpenGL in C++. i do some graphical stuff (my dissertation is on Real-Time Facial Animation from a static input image) but i like doing general game engine work and physics coding as wellnot too fond of the low-level graphical stuff like render engines and shit though.

anyway yeah that’s me, bonjour