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Steve, do you mean stylistic niches? genre-based niches? or something else? Basically could you elaborate please? I’m interested :D [/quote:40d21611b0]

Well any niche really – all the above apply, but it’s just classic business plan stuff. You can’t conquer the world with your first plan/product etc. so instead focus on conquering something smaller, totally dominate that (hopefully) and then use this as the beachhead for future world domination :-)

In the game industry today, doing a multi-platform game is pretty much beyond any start up (with exceptions of course) so I’d be focussed on PC / mobile markets (low entry barriers, but pretty populated) or go exclusive on a console – with a genre niche, demographic niche or whatever. The great thing about niches is you can get lots of good free PR/Editorial because it’s “new” and thus journos like to cover it, and it’s all about getting noticed in the noise, so this stuff really matters.