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Well I watched the program, it’s actually pretty decent. The reviewers seem to know what they are talking although they reviewed only 2 games. I missed a bit of the feature on competitive gaming at the beginning but it seemed okay. The news section gave some decent news, although not quite as up to date as us internet users are used to (The covered Sony’s law suit against lik-sang.com but didn’t mention that since then lik-sang.com closed down). However, the Retro section seemed a little rushed though (hard to give a full description of the NES in less then 3 minutes) and could have been a bit more substantial (they used an embarrassingly 80s NES commercial for a bit of their feature). One slightly dodgy feature was them using tarot cards to predict how 2 competing football games soon to be released would fare, to be honest I found the idea pretty novel.

Overall, it’s pretty slick and well produced program, as well as being generally competent as to what video games are about (a vital stumbling bock many a gaming program, and probably even the BAFTA game awards, fall down on). Some areas could do with improvement, and some may feel its not hardcore enough, but it seems to do its job as a nice video game focused, regularly broadcasted television program.

By the way, I got the channel on NTL cable.