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The best games show is, On the Spot. Gamespot.com’s weekly show every Thursday at 4pm (psd). Its come along way and most the editors are pretty entertaining in front of the camera. Add to that they also take questions from the view live and ask their guest on the show, be it ibg Ea producer showing off the new Fifa or whatever. I like it lots and its much better i find than Cybernet who don’t really know who their target demographic is, ie 4am show showing kids games. And whats up with every Cybernet game demo they always die or explode right at the end of that games segment?[/quote:e67d9d86e4]

I LOVE that show. See the ps3 and the wii on it this week? was cool.

Anyone ever check out “the hotspot” podcast from gamespot? hosted by rich gallup and jeff girstmann with 2 different guests every tuesday. It’s reall good and has a great insight into kind of heavier info from the games industry. and it clocks in at more than an hour!